Oh wow, once the drums hit, I knew this was going to be excellent. Great job man, I see some real talent!

almost 5 years ago

i still love this!

about 5 years ago

the riddim changes could have been a lot more smooth. i like that trappy snare so much :o. the incorporation of wubs should have been with the sub. also, the wubs section make the song unfamiliar with the original, but ey, its ur style. liking it so far, you will probably destroy everyone in this competition ;)

Dead Dave
about 5 years ago


KryptiK BeatZ
about 5 years ago

I like those horns or whatever they are

Josh Riker
about 5 years ago

WOW!!!!!!!! I've officialy lost. This is flat out genius! I love the trap feel, and you really changed it up in a clever way!

[this project has concluded]
about 5 years ago

Well, since I'm not the only one to make a trap one anymore (And I've totally improved) I'll redo mine :3

we still have Grawl!x, NKM, Bionica, ONIX and Foresight to post their good entries tbh, but thanks for the kind words! :)

about 5 years ago

I'm not officially calling you the winner right now, but this remix is by far my favorite. Love how much you changed it up. :)

at least I will come focused until the end of psot2, then I will post my normal tracks, just for posting. look guys I feel a bit unmotivated, should be just a phase. I hope i back to normal tho (lol)