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about 9 years ago

You rely on a base tune so much it gets repetitive.

over 9 years ago

darn your good im crap

EmC Prettiboi
over 9 years ago

pretty raw bra

over 9 years ago

I'm a judge for the festival...you received a 5/5 for Skill, Creativity, and Originality, with a score and average of 15/15(100%) Great Job!

over 9 years ago

esta chida tu cancion

over 9 years ago

crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Break The Record
over 9 years ago

wow. i wish i was this good.

over 9 years ago

how you do that music awesome

over 9 years ago

Nice dancing music! Keep up the good work anton!

over 9 years ago

Yes you are right G-SPOT! :) The end of the chord progression does sound out of key, maybe that was the effect he was going for, but it does sound a bit wonky. BTW g-spot, all you do is load up the Supersaw and turn the detune down to 0% and then load up Simple and choose 2, 3 or 4 sawtooths, layer them and voila!. Lol, I'm just guessing but I think it's close. X)