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over 5 years ago

wow awesome i have something to ask of you but you will proudly say no but can you make a beat that i could us like this for my song i really like your music and I would give you credit.

almost 6 years ago

Love the sound of it:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

about 7 years ago

Man you inspire me to make music i dont know how you do it but keep doing what your doing

over 7 years ago

Thsi is realyl good :))) , never heard anything like it be4

dimitra koumpa
almost 8 years ago

that was awesome! you really have talent..keep working on it ;)

almost 8 years ago

Dude, this is AWESOME!! Keep up the great work!

Josh Boulton
almost 8 years ago

It sounds a bit like some of the electronica samples just with your own effects.

almost 8 years ago

I gotta be honest... You inspire me! Keep making music dude.

almost 8 years ago

wow!!! great mini by Anton Smith!

almost 8 years ago

awesome anton smith