if yall didint know this was a collab someone i new made the second half,i made the first half

wow im now listening to it the second part(trap)kinda ruined it.hey everybody,do not listen to the last part,it aint that good

aight,the trap part not as good i will admit,i got bored,but thanks

2 months ago

i like the first the part

i also dont have a call card out because i gotta make a new one

LETS GET THIS FEATURED(or at least a couple hundred plays)

tell me which beat was better also

aslo,listen to the whole thing,theres a a trap version of the pop beat at the end of the first pop beat.

WOW IM NEVER DOIND HYPERPOP AGAIN(took like a a whole month).yall know im more of a trap and hiphop artist,with the occasion of lofi and drill,but this was hard on another level.