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ghost beatz
3 days ago

poop judger you can not make people feel bad that is how you can get banned bra

3 days ago

delete Mr Poop man, I would agree with the piano, unfortunatly this version doesnt have automation so it was meant to be a lot quieter at this point. You can check out the finished version of this song that Me, Ocolix and Dutch did, posted with premium on my account here: https://soundation.com/user/OFT/track/oft-x-dutch-x-ocolix-x-noah-millar-abstrakt

I recommend :3
3 days ago

Bruh this shii good! Haters gon hate.. he says he could make the from garbage bin. Prolly dat wher he came from

the Poop judger
4 days ago

what is this the piano is not well mixed nothing is well mixed acctually and the piano sounds like somehting a kid would have trouble listening to it all so dry the drum patern is the same like wholy shit ther is no dancing to this and the snares or claps or whatever sound so fucking trash like it sound like ur taking a spoon and hitting a wall with it 1/10

the Poop judger
4 days ago

what is this. This so trash boring and doodo like why did this and so many other songs get featured i can remake this beat using a garbage bin and a spoon

6 days ago

Damn, I like this one

6 days ago

Add some attack to the chord synth so they don't sound wonky. 1:24 it gets to loud there maybe turn it down just a tad. Nice overall 8/10

10 days ago

ten million followers? there arnt even 10 million people on soundation i think. but it is definitly legit a person screaming to follow them on a featured track (totally not self promotion) saying the had 10 million followers before. lol


I litteraly think that i make the worst music on Soundation. :(

11 days ago

hhmmmm 10 million you say