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15 days ago


Ocolix #BotBlocker
3 months ago

Once I get the thing what you use for your YT ima do the same. (forgot what its called LMAO)

4 months ago

I'm not really going to move anywhere, I was never meant to make music, and this place just has too much drama, 1 after another, people go, and I'm going to let the developers know what they are doing isn't good by leaving, sure check up every once in a while, but there is no way I can handle this daily, I'll come here once - twice a month to check up on how the community is doing, but otherwise, I am done

4 months ago

soundation has just become a caste system now, where premium users get all the love and everyone else is just stuck here like this. sure, there's a new synth coming, but it would've definitely been better to, you know, do that when it was relevant. moving to youtube is definitely a better choice in this situation. i wish you luck with all your future endeavors.

and don't tell anyone but that megalovania remix was totally abandoned but shh its a secret

4 months ago

Well, I feel like I'm basically going to log on as little as possible. I just would much rather post on other platforms at this point, especially if people from here are willing to be there. Soundation was alright. It was certainly amazing when I first started and first got into what it meant to create music. But I use a different DAW now, and there's just constant drama going on. I just want to leave here before my view of this place gets tainted any more by it, you know? But yeah, probably will be very inactive on here, but I will log on every now and then out of curiosity.

Key Lime Canid
4 months ago

I'm still tryna work my way to prepare a debut for youtube (and other platforms), which also includes sorting out through changing my alias name first and such.

And I swear I have made progress on those 2 unfinished tracks. I just keep getting sidetracked. I mentioned about that in my update.

To what degree are you leaving soundation? Only no posting or full no presence?

I believe I experienced the audio thing when posting a WIP collection. I think any clips that start after the 10 minute mark don't process. I had to put dead air at the start of a clip to make it work.

4 months ago

Thanks peeps :)

Elemental Music
4 months ago

Already subbed :D

Eden pigeon♪
4 months ago

its fine ill sub

4 months ago

@Shards For some reason the song didn't process all the audio I imported, but it was supposed to have earrape at the end lol

@Voxel @Ocoloix I'll still be on YouTube, no need to say goodbye :P

@Voxel Basically. Apparently a mod is not needed in this community and instead is promoting censorship, so I'm unofficially out. Trying to control what people say and where they say it is obviously upsetting certain people, so I'm not going to do any of that here.

@Oscillation It really should've been 420 minutes amirite lool