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Created July 23, 2013

The Movement

Go HARD or go HOME!! It’s all about Hip Hop/R&B/Trap/Rock/Dub Step(Skrillex)/Hardcore Rap Beats/808 Club Bangers/ WE DO NOT DANCE!! NO SPAMMING PERIOD!! So let’s get it in!!


9 months ago


false blonde
over 4 years ago

Я как соленя, но не из Рик Санчез. Послушайте мой новый трек здесь.

Josh Riker
about 5 years ago

Hey guys! Check this trap song out:

almost 6 years ago

We still alive!!! Sorry for the departure real life shit happens but I'm BACK BABYYYYYY!!!!!!

almost 6 years ago


Misfit Sound
almost 6 years ago

Im back...... And better than ever.

KryptiK BeatZ
almost 6 years ago

Spread the word guys! I've been working on a song with another popular Soundation artist that you guys love and this track is a mix of EDM and Hip-Hop! So spread the word!

KryptiK BeatZ
almost 6 years ago

is this group still active?

KryptiK BeatZ
almost 6 years ago

Hey Everyone, I've brought back one of my old songs called "Ana". I've made clean edits to the track and it sounds way better than the original. It has a soft and relaxing Harp and powerful and emotional Synth Strings. Check it out --->

KryptiK BeatZ
almost 6 years ago

Hey everybody, I know I've been gone for a long time but I'm back with my 1st banger in 5 months! Please listen to my track It's called "Shamisen"