Created June 06, 2016


In this group it is important that they have an account at MEDIAFIRE, to upload the file SNG and pass the link to his partner or the person who is to perform the rimix.

In this Group succeeded in publishing their tracks REMIXED or also in collaboration with someone, the more prominent of these will be LAS 3 more favorite of the week.

This group will help them learn how do others when they do collaborations and remixes…


@ChordsBoy Actually, it exports as an mp3 file. Just try emailing it to everyone (since very little of us actually have mediafire…)!
@Torren33 I’ve got an idea… If you want it to be remixed, make it downloadable, and when you download it, then it’s a .sng file. Then you can publish the song here to get remixed.


Rebellion Cannon
10 months ago

Check out my latest track - it's an electro remix of one of my favourite tracks from the Fable OST!

Prod. GT
about 1 year ago

Yo check this out.

about 4 years ago Hi guys, check out my halloween track. Enjoy...

over 5 years ago

Hello guys,here is my new track: enjoy...

Dead Dave
over 5 years ago

Thanks for the feature :)

over 5 years ago

I just finished my edit of Still Jaywalking's track "Downtown", hope you like it!

Elk Grove
over 5 years ago

Please Check out my new arabic trap song I used a filter cutoff technique that Ooz1e454 uses Overall im very pleased with the track i hope you guys are to :D

[this project has concluded]
over 5 years ago

Yay! 2 of my tracks are featured!