Created May 30, 2012

the legends

join if u want to hear some good music
and have fun


Prod. GT
about 1 year ago

Yo check this out!

over 1 year ago

pls feature my song outbreak

almost 8 years ago

please check out a real chill track

over 8 years ago

Hi, like my track :) Im hard of hearing.

over 8 years ago

I'm now administrating an independent music promotion channel on YouTube. here's the link to the channel- you can submit your tracks to the email given there if you want your stuff promoted.

Cyber Posix
over 8 years ago

Hey...been inactive for about 4 months doing more studying in the world of music...anyways I have started publishing my music on youtube and would love feedback!!! Here is the link: Check it out likes and/or subs would be awesome!!! -Phrozen

over 8 years ago Give it a play, and if you like it, go to this group and vote on it so I can get to the top 20. Pls guys I really need all the help I can get :D . Good Day!