Created July 16, 2018

Start from Scratch Challenge

Splice x Start from Scratch Challenge – Flip Mania – Winners Announcement

What happens if you throw 16 Splice sound packs in the Soundation studio then give 2 months and total freedom for people to do ANYTHING with the sounds? The answer: An endless stream of killer beats. Thank you for 400+ entries dropped in this group. Here’s a roundup highlighting our favourites.

⚡️ “Stargazing” by Key Lime Canid – a huge sound universe with synthwave vibes made with Synth City and Vocal Anthems packs from Splice.

⚡️ “Splice UK Drill” by OFT – a lush downtempo track inspired by UK’s rising DIY scene made with Splice’s Chill Vibes pack.

⚡️ “አስፈሪ ድም .ች.14” by RAZZMATAZZ – an ambient track fit for a dark ritual, made with Soul in One pack from Splice.

⚡️“Summer Nights” by Yo Banana Boy- a bright and uplifting tune made with Soul in One pack from Splice.

But since we can only choose one winner, we’re happy to announce the winner is OFT for his precisely focussed and wonderfully executed track “Splice UK Drill” by OFT. 🏆 Congrats for a feature and one-month Premium!

Extra shout outs to “Bumpin’” by Peaches, “Repentance” by Retta Don , “Days of Joy” by HƎX and “The Height of Style” by ProdigyKani.

Thank you all for sharing your work. For now, check out other challenges we have running in the Community. ⚡️

Updated: 8 April 2020