Created December 13, 2018

Sound Check

Welcome to Sound Check, a Premium group where you can get feedback on your work by a professional music producer!
Every week our in-house producer I Awake, a Stockholm-based producer with over 20 years of experience up his sleeve, will offer pro feedback to one chosen track. You’ll get feedback and tips on your mixing techniques, track arrangement as well as a choice of instruments and melodies. Keep an eye on this group’s comment section!
If you’re already a Premium user, here is all you need to do:
• Publish a track on your profile and post it in this group.
• Tell us a little bit about your track on the description. What are your thoughts? What is it you’re aiming for? What is it you want to develop further?
• This group is open for Premium users only. If you’d like to join, please PM KaI and we’ll send you an invite to the group. If you’re currently not on Premium but would like to join, feel free to upgrade here!
• Your tracks have to be made using Soundation.
• Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
Don’t be afraid to share your work. We’re all here to help each other grow. Join this group and get ready to take your music further!


DJ Ruske
12 hours ago

Everyone Go follow me

1 day ago

Hey guys, please give feedback for my new "semi-deathstep" song. It's called: [Deathstep] Hahaha (ft.Pennywise-The-Dancing-Clown) Here is the link:

Soundation Crew
2 days ago

Not at the moment @Sam lee, but we're looking into the best way to make use of this group and what we should offer to Premium fam. Maybe you can share some ideas? 🙂

Sam Lee
2 days ago

Do they still do reviews?

about 2 months ago

oh I guess that they allow premium users in tho, that's unfair, I'm not going to bother complaining about it tho because this group is inactive atm anyways

about 2 months ago

mhmm, also they haven't picked a song in a few weeks to give feedback to, why is that?

about 2 months ago


2 months ago

I'm reading my last post here and realizing it was very poorly worded lmao, I actually meant to complain about how no members are allowed to join this group now, Idk that my post from a month ago reads that way lol

3 months ago

if your a house lover go listen to my new track "Crush On You"

3 months ago

let me know what you think about my new track " Hate Me Now" its a dubstep type song