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Created November 04, 2018


Share your #Experimental tracks for a chance to get featured!

We’re in the age of post-genre, or so they say. In this group we celebrate all that doesn’t belong. Crossbreed, stylistically promiscuous, call it whatever you want, we welcome all. Here’s the place to share your dark experimental gems, from Glitch, IDM, Drone, Noise, Industrial or more. Ever made an ambient track of gabber and not sure who will listen? Well, here’s your new home.

Every week, one track that stands out the most among all “Share Your Sounds” groups will get featured on Soundation’s tracks page and posted on our social media.

Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!

Terms: Your tracks have to be made using Soundation. Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a ban.


1 day ago

hope you like my songs


https://soundation.com/t/e0q4n <---- Industrial, Dark electro a little more of a dance kinda beat to it song is called The Curse

Blicky Juice
7 days ago

Hey guys, just posted a beat using a bass slide technique i found while in production, just hmu if u wanna learn it :D


i wonder how this goes :P

8 days ago

♫ sucribe my chanel ♪ ☺☻♥

9 days ago

I had finally made a new song. Let me know if you like it or not. Its called "Fading Away". Thanks, and have a wonderful day.

10 days ago

I've got a fire trap beat you wont be dissapointed


new song Incoming artwork for it shall be posted.... soonish? when i have time to create the artwork. anyways despite the prof i'm not new just lost acess to my other prof DrachAttack. https://soundation.com/t/e0mc8 <---- for those who want to comment and add advice or what not


i have a new song called a guitar show