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Created November 04, 2018

#Drum n Bass & Breakbeats

Share your #Drum n Bass & Breakbeat tracks for a chance to get featured!

Here, life starts at 165 BPM. From Drum n Bass to Breakbeats and everything in between, this group is for all the bass heads out there. Also open to all the musical love child you can think of from these genres, here is where you can share your most menacing drum breaks, be it Jungle, Drumstep, UK Garage or Neurofunk. Get ideas for your next killer here or just enjoy mixes from your fellow ravers.

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Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!

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The Fat Controller
23 hours ago

Looking for someone to collab on some drum and bass, wanting to bring a different sound to my work while having my vibe. Looking for someone who has at least basic knowledge in production and can work arounf the same level as me


pm me for a zoom link

17 days ago



@Everyone Attention I'm gonna do a colab who wants to help me make a mortal kombat song? Pm me not on here