Created July 22, 2019

Head B4ng3rs

We are the musicians who love the beat drop. we are the Producers that put the effort in to make the track go hard. We live for the rush of the bass. we Are the Headb4rs.

hey guys! were speed running flash games, so be sure to drop by on discord to remember flash games before they go out of buisness.

rules: no cussing.
No negative criticism. as a group we need to build up, not tear down. if you are doing this excessively, you will be kicked from the group.
If your song has lyrics, it should not be cussing excessively and/ or have references to inappropriate or crude things.

you can: post any genre you like although this is mainly an edm group.
you may use any studio you like, soudation, fl abeltion, logic, the 100+ others i didnโ€™t mention

thank you for reading this. I cannot wait to see the awesome tracks you guys post.

this kid is funny af. go follow him


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sup guys follow me and check out my stuff AND give me some feed to pls

Please help me honor my dad's service by liking this track. It has been two months, but it is still so very hard for me (read the description you will understand).

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Music Maker : )
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