Created March 31, 2020


Ok so, this group fell apart (even though it never was anything xD) I just havent had the motivation to go on Soundation much so this group is now SMS: Soundation Music Spam. Put whatever songs you want in this group, any genre (which everyone does anyway)
now this group is just for that. I’ll be featuring the songs I like best and I’ll try to be on more often.

Have fun!


12 months ago

My Christmas album is out now! I spent a lot of time on it I’d appreciate it if you could listen to it and give me some feedback 🙂

The Time Jumper
about 1 year ago please go check this out I spent hours making it sound good. Also no loops used

over 1 year ago

um, if this group got somewhere its dead now. Mainly bc my lack of motivation to be on Soundation. So to everyone, im sry about this group

over 1 year ago

to everyone seeing this: Im sry that i havent done anything with this group and thats bc i genuinely forgot that i had one so I was just posting my song in some groups and I see this and remembered i have a group :O

over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

I may have possibly forgot about this group D: sorryyyyy :l

over 1 year ago

o wait nevermind maybe not voxels on here