Created February 05, 2014

CYCLOSA Presents: Electro House (Read Desc)


1. Calum Hood – Rex – 285 / 300
2. Ejektor – Burnout – 280 / 300
3. Cyberbit – An Hour – 277 / 300
4. Ozcii – nova – 275 / 300
5. Cosmic Candy – Transporter – 272 /300
6. UTOPIA – Countdown – 269 / 300
7. J.A.C.O.B – AFTER HOURS – 256 / 300
8. Crescendo – Final Frontier – 255 / 300
9. T.T.D.F – Smile – 241 / 300
10. Xephyr – Talisman – 239 / 300

PRIZES (Payments will be postponed for about a month)

4th & 5th – Spot in a Dope ass Music Mix on CYCLOSA’s Profile
3rd & 2nd – One item from Soundation Sound Shop, Collab w/ CYCLOSA, & Stated Above
1st – One year Intro Account, Collab w/ CYCLOSA, & Stated Above

Huge shout-out to everyone who entered this year, this was one of the most successful Soundation contests ever! Thank you guys!

“My personal favorite track was “Nova,” by Ozcii. I absolutely loved the garage influence in the drop, and the sudden changeups between grimy basses never gets old. The key change in the second drop is just unbelievable. Congrats to Cal, Ejektor, and Cyberbit for placing the top 3! I loved listening to every one of these tracks, thank you all so much for entering”

“Personally, my favorite track out of all of the incredible entries was ‘An Hour’ by cyberbit. One of, if not the, most complex and incredible track ever made on soundation. If any entry deserves a feature, it’s that one. Thanks so much for entering!”

“My favorite track of the contest was AFTER HOURS by J.A.C.O.B. Ive always been a fan of his music and this track perfectly describes what hes got. Congrats to Calum Hood, Ejektor & Mah Boi, Cyberbit for placing top 3! HUGE thank you to everyone for the amazing turn out this year, you guys forced me to have to announce the top ten, and i still haven’t mentioned all the bomb ass tracks entered this year!”

Huge shout-out to everyone who entered this year, this was one of the most successful Soundation contests ever! Thank you guys!


over 5 years ago

I'm extremely stoked to present my entry, Final Frontier, to the contest! Good luck to all of you out there that are planning on or have already entered!

over 5 years ago

In order to save time, Foresight and I have began judging and evaluating the tracks that have already been submitted. Keep up the great work everyone! Hoping to see a few more entries!

over 5 years ago

PSOT was worse, it had over 100 entries and about 50 of them were disqualified.

over 5 years ago

just over 10 days left! Lets keep the badassery rolling!

over 5 years ago

Yeah it really is.

over 5 years ago


over 5 years ago

It's annoying that it had to come to that :/

Side Hustle
over 5 years ago

Yeah i believe I one saw an entry that had the title "Progressive House/Future House Track" and it was entered and it was basically all samples....

over 5 years ago

Well said, Cyclosa, well said. Glad as hell i followed the rules XD

over 5 years ago

i DO NOT HAVE TIME to rummage through this group every single day and delete countless entries, and send countless messages to a bunch of CARELESS, RUDE, NARCISSISTIC, ass vacs who can't bare to spend 1 minute of their time reading over some rules. Which will inevitably save time for me later, and it will save you time from arguing with me later over why your song was removed. STOP SPAMMING, STOP POSTING INVALID TRACKS OR I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND