Created October 24, 2019

Just Another Generic Soundation Group

It’s been awhile since this group has been active, (mainly cause I was really too lazy to work on it), but here, I’ll revive this.

Rule 1. Don’t spam
Rule 2. Don’t overly promote yourself. In other words don’t be annoying about promotion.

That’s about it for the rules. Not as many as before cause this is much more laid back than before. I will feature tracks every now and again if they really get my attention. Not a specific schedule. Thanks for checking it out and feel free to ask me any questions, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! :)
Pic drawn with Gimp by me :>


little hollow
7 months ago


7 months ago

Hollow, Chuck Norris is behind you btw

8 months ago


Eden Pigeon ♪
8 months ago


mo!st.wav ✨
8 months ago


PETE (a tomato plant)
8 months ago

got my first lofi-hip-hop song rockin

new featured song pls

9 months ago

hope you like my song poop