Created November 01, 2020

Christmas Contest! (TOP 3 ANNOUNCED!)

The results have been cast!

T O P 3 W I N N E R S !


🥇 1st: “Merry” by Aikue

“…so, I go to College, and at College we had a competition to make a Christmas song, so I came up with some chords but it was on logic, so I went home and just worked on that track all night on Soundation.”

🥈 2nd: “Collapse” by ACAER

(Due to reasons I was not able to file a mini-interview with him) But I really loved the intro as well as the main lead, and also capturing that Christmas vibe! (:

🥉 3rd: “snow. VIP” by Shards

“I remember creating Snow after formulating a nice chord progression, and the lack of Christmas competition didn’t stop me from finishing the track then. I made snow vip mainly for one reason: the kick was too loud. Apart from that, I took the basic structure of snow and altered it, creating a more faster and powerful drop using fakies as well as a different drum beat.”

8th Place: “Snowdrift” (by ViciousV53)

A show-stopper infused with smooooth dreamy synths as well as some choppy house beats and awesome melodies that just screamed Christmas. So well done VV53.

7th Place: “Vibing with a snowman” (by rvmor & little hollow)

Such a beautiful little piece from soundation’s most beloved ambient producer and his pal rvmor – effortlessly combining little hollow’s signature ambient formula with some chilly lo-fi beats, as well as a great choice of chords, this song has Christmas written all over, good job fellas!

6th Place: “A forgotten land of Ice and Snow” (by Galaxian)

Something a little more unusual that just works so well! Recently known for his top 3 finalist remix of Jacknife Lee’s “Hit the Bell”, Galaxian comes back with another Drum n Bass hit with a subtle kick of Christmas vibe! Great Job!

5th Place: “Have yourself a Merry Christmas (Lofi Remix)” (by Hex)

Typically known for his melodic trap beats, Hex takes a different approach to this contest with a lo-fi spin with delicate chromatic percussions and a frick ton of sidechain! Awesome stuff Hex! <3

4th Place: “Carol of the Bells (Remix)” (by Moon & XWolf)

Awesome stuff guys, love all the sound effects and the fearsome drops, another unusual spin on a Christmas song!

Well done to all participants, and to the winners! :) Please message me via PM or Discord to secure your prizes! (:


3 months ago

I was supposed to get a prize, but didn't... ._.

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5 months ago

this was a while ago

7 months ago

Gosh dang it I was hoping to be in top 10. Ugh whatever

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7 months ago

i have made a new track check it out


nice group

7 months ago

"moon" i know why you don't want to do it because so you could your idea and keep me from winning a contest YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME!!!!

7 months ago

fuck this i shold have won

7 months ago

We should have a Classical Theme contest- The Instruments from GM-1 are really underused for Classical