Created January 27, 2016

Boss Beats


over 3 years ago

Please help me get this baby trending y'all!!! :D

almost 4 years ago NEW RETROWAVE SONG!

Treyz Beats
almost 4 years ago

Finally have a chance to finish a theme, so here is one about brainstorming, sounds fun right lol? This theme will fit the mood when you're thinking up a storm. ~Ponder~

Music Coder
about 4 years ago

Hello there. I'm just starting to grasp the studio a bit more. Please check out my tracks, and give me any feedback. Thanks in advance

about 4 years ago

Hey there! I just finished my first EP and it'd be nice if you could check out my tracks. Thanks!

[this project has concluded]
about 4 years ago

actually started posting in groups again. here's a lo-fi tracc by me and the crew. please reccomend lmao we need a 3 way feature.

about 4 years ago 8 Track Rap EP out now please check it out and Like / Share / Follow if you enjoyed it. Any support is highly appreciated like always.