Created February 02, 2021

black history

its been years since we came till this point freedom but we still have problems with the whites but a dose not stop our power this is black power and others can join invite people to join its a group to share our love for the black community thank you


U Don't Kno
8 days ago

hey guys how are u doing I have a challnge for all of you to post your best song and in the grounp and see how many likes you can get and add #newyear at the end let do this!😎

lilli annabeth
6 months ago

i hate being white .-. bc white history is stupid, we are like the rudest ppl out there ngl

oh ok cool

yo he said anyone can join

can i also be here since im part brazilian?

10 months ago

what is it?

U Don't Kno
11 months ago

anyone can join this group soon im going to do a challenge for you guys

11 months ago

yeah, ps im white but i HATE racism can i still join? seriously, racism is fucked up.

11 months ago

Quit looking at people through their skin color, look at them for their character as Martin Luther King Jr. pushed for. That's the only way racism will stop. But y'all just adding to it.

(LIL JAY ) the real one
11 months ago