Created November 12, 2014

Non-Top Users Who Deserve More League!

Hey guys!

So in the struggle to gain popularity, I stumbled across a few people who are not top users, but deserve at least to be known. This is the League for people who are rising stars, to maybe just get them a few more views and likes, and make themselves known.

(AEG, I have known since I started Soundation.)

There is a set of criteria to join. If you think you fit these criteria, ask me if you can join. Most or all will be just invited without having to ask on here.

The Criteria: (1) That you use your own beats and music (Meaning no studio loops in your modern songs.) (2) That you have at least 15 Followers. (3) That you Follow every member of the group!

The last one seems ridiculous, but that’s a method by which we each gain popularity! Every new member that joins, you must follow them or give a good reason to not follow them. (Spiritual, Morale, etc.)

Post any tracks you want on here, but try to keep it as your most popular ones. If I notice that any of you are not upholding the rules I will notify you, then if you do not begin to follow them you will be kicked out. :) (Rule #3 is honor system!)

And keep out old WIP’s! if you have new updates to an old song posted on here, delete them to help me a little. I will delete them if I find them, don’t worry you won’t be kicked out! PM me for a quick invite request as I don’t check the group comments very often. Have fun, thanks for joining!


almost 3 years ago


over 3 years ago

Please help me get this baby trending y'all!!! :D

almost 5 years ago


almost 5 years ago

I can't believe I missed that, Kryptik. It warms my heart that I helped someone out. Guys, if you want to join, please PM me. :) As said in the group description, I do not check the group comments very often. And nowadays I am barely on Soundation to begin with. If you want the fastest reply possible, PM me.

about 5 years ago

Yo check out my new track "butterflies" and recommend it please ;D

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

So I've been in this group for years now. I started off as just a newbie that no one knew. But now I feel like I've come to the point where I'm no longer a newbie that no one knew. Thank you for the boost KSmuthi. My time has come for me to leave the group. This group will be missed.

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

New slap with bass that slides and glides -->

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

New 808 Banger "Outlaw" -->

KryptiK BeatZ
over 5 years ago

New Slow Trap Instrumental