Created April 01, 2012

Music is Cool

Like Music For Fun, Music Is Cool is a general group on Soundation. Unlike any the invite-only groups, Music is Cool is not for just the best, it’s for people of all skill levels. You are allowed to post any genre of music up here. This is open for all people.


If I’m not here, they have control of the group.
Snow Fox


These are the users you can PM if you need help with a specific music genre

Drum n Bass:
DJ Fox Click here to follow me.

Custom Notes:
DJ XJM Click here to follow DJ XJM
Snow Fox Click here to follow Snow Fox.

Soft Piano/Techno:
Snow Fox

DJ LJ[liamboi486]


Insane Ammount(For those who are insane and crazy with the studio):
Makin Beatz

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Babyk Beats
5 hours ago 25 more likes till im on the trending can we hit it please

about 1 month ago

Please check out my new track, Yellow Rose.

Rebellion Cannon
about 1 month ago

Check out this track from my upcoming EP! I'd appreciate it if you gave it some love <3

about 2 months ago

Here is my next track, Eyes Closed!

Rebellion Cannon
about 2 months ago

Check out this track from my upcoming concept album!

2 months ago

Stay tuned for my next track! Here's a little sneak peek!

Rob The Beat
3 months ago

Hey, mates! This is a techno song I made for Halloween. It´s a bit messy, but I like it. Hope you like it too!

Rebellion Cannon
3 months ago

Check out this track from my upcoming concept album!

Pam Suozzi
5 months ago

Hey guys! Check out my Logic Pro X tutorial!

Hey guys I'm not dead. Haven't been able to post anything but that hasn't stopped me from making music. Here's one of them: