Created August 06, 2012

Above The Influence

These days, people smoke, drink, and other things with alcohol and other drugs. But these people don’t realize how it affects children and teenagers. About 90% of the time children tend to do what they see their parents do. Now is the time to stand up and say “We are above the Influence”.


We’ll be having a group contest next weekend! Check this group daily OR PM Me for more details!

Contest Details

Contest Name:Breast Cancer Awarenes(BCA) Contest




Nesta Malcolm
about 5 years ago


Nesta Malcolm
over 5 years ago

Hey guys! Go check out 'Forbidden Vibes' , Its my new collab with Still Jaywalking. Enjoy! :D

over 5 years ago

Listen to my new track let me know what you think thank you.

Nesta Malcolm
over 5 years ago hello guys, i worked really hard on this song and would really appriciate if you guys checked it out :D (ps i sing in it so if you want to make fun of me... click the link)

Nesta Malcolm
over 5 years ago Hey guys this is my new Collab with TC-5. We would both really appreciate it if you checked it out thanks. Btw if u were wondering this is tropical house, it's called spring wind

almost 7 years ago

So... Let me get this straight. This is basically a music group, that allows us to share our music, but basically preaches Straight Edge teen culture? X_X Bruh. I despise straight edge, but okay. xD

about 7 years ago

If you love Deep House / Tech House you've got to check this! ||

about 7 years ago

House Dj set! Pure party!